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Reimagine the public service with us

The world is changing. Our lives are more mobile, and our work is more flexible, set by our own pace. Swiss Post wants to power a modern Switzerland. How should we go about this? You are part of the society of tomorrow, and there is no one better placed to tell us what the Switzerland of the future should look like. Swiss Post is launching the “Avenir désirable” initiative and calling on young adults to help shape the future of a modern Switzerland. Now’s the time for new ideas and unconventional solutions!

Roberto Cirillo

The Swiss Post of tomorrow will depend largely on the future wishes, needs and habits of society as a whole and of the businesses based within it. Every single Swiss resident is affected. That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to get involved and help shape the future of the public service.

Roberto Cirillo, Swiss Post CEO

About the initiative Today is the first day of the future

Everyone has the power to make a difference. From small to large scale. No matter where. In their own personal way or in a team. The big achievements of the future will come from the imaginations of people who are able to focus on what’s important, and who show courage and a willingness to think outside the box. As part of this initiative, we are calling on your ingenuity and innovative spirit as we look for answers to the following question:

What would a public service of the future have to look like in order to continue improving the quality of life in Switzerland?

Discuss this question in a team of two to five people. Feel free to give full rein to your creativity and submit your idea. What is missing from our society today? How could public services improve your life in the future? What infrastructure could offer you a better quality of life in an increasingly digitized environment?

These questions are designed to inspire you when formulating your propsal for the Switzerland of tomorrow – and for the Switzerland of the next decade. The “Avenir désirable” initiative offers a wide range of possibilities. The following areas of daily life can serve as food for thought for your deliberations:

Communicating | Meeting | Opinion-forming | Mobility | Entertainment | Living | Working | Learning | Disposal / circular economy | Provision of goods | Provision of confidential information | Independence / entrepreneurship | Self-realization | Commitment | Friendships / social contacts

How can you contribute your idea?

Please send us your proposal using the form at the bottom of this page. To help you, here’s a suggestion for an approach:

1. First, choose the area in which you would like your idea to be used

2. Describe the main problem in this area and the future development of the problem

3. Identify the basic service that would make your life easier in relation to this problem:

  • Define the goal of your idea
  • Write an outline of your proposal – document of max. three pages
  • How should your proposal be implemented?
  • In what way will society benefit from your idea?

4. Which basic service do you not need to implement your idea?

Submission deadline: 15 August 2021

An expert jury will assess the submitted proposals based on various criteria: feasibility, creativity, social and individual desirability, the quality of the definition, and the presentation and explanation of the idea. At the end of this process, the ten best groups selected by the jury will be invited to take part in a one-day workshop, which will be held on 4 October at Swiss Post headquarters in Bern.

Four people in one workshop

Four people in one workshop

“Avenir désirable” workshop Flesh out your ideas on the public service of the future with Roberto Cirillo

At the workshop scheduled for 4 October, the groups who are selected will flesh out their ideas for the public service of the future and discuss them in person with Roberto Cirillo. The three best ideas will then be selected and each awarded a prize worth 3,000 francs.

Send us your idea!

Complete the following form with your group and, with a little luck, you’ll get to take part in the workshop coming up on 4 October.

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